Northern Stars

How to start your Chapter of the Northern Stars

We are a Motorcycle Riding Association known as the "Northern Stars"

"In keeping with the (Northern Stars) guidelines and as approved by the Northern Stars executive, our Association is Canadian, and is bound by our national boundary.

The purpose of our Association is to enhance the experience by giving Canadian Chapters an additional identity within Canada, to help organize combined events, and use their combined numbers and the local culture to promote the Northern Stars.

All Chapters in Canada are accepted / approved by the Northern Stars Executive Officers. Currently, we are accepting applications for those Provinces & Territories that do not have a Chapter. Also, we are only approving one Chapter per Province or Territory.

To start a Chapter all you need is two members, a President and a Vice-President who are members of the Northern Stars, and a name for your Chapter. You should also setup a message forum, and possibly a web site (Please use our Northern Stars forum which can act as your web presence to start with). There are no fees."

Sound like you want to start your own Chapter?

Step 1. Email the Northern Stars Officers for guidlines.

Step 2. Download the Application Form, fill it out and mail it back. You can get the Application From by clicking here: Application Form

If you are unable to view the Application Form, you may need to download Adobe Reader by clicking on the icon below.

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