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Stars in Need of Service (SINS) Request Form of the Northern Stars

The Northern Stars SINS list is a voluntary list which is designed to help out Stars In Need of Service. It is voluntary to submit your name on the list. This list will be provided to registered members of the Northern Stars. Put your name on the list, and help a Star Rider. The list is not intended to be used for social contact, only for help.


Example Form

E-Mail: JoeBiker@northerstarsrider.ca

Northern Stars #: 12345 (Don't have an Northern Stars Number, Click Here)

Full Name: Joe Biker

Ride Safe and Ride Proud

Email address: (required)
Northern Stars #: (required)
Full Name (first & last): (required)


By requesting the a copy of the SINS list, the undersigned member agrees to use the information for it's intended purpose only. The SINS List is only to be used as a means of obtaining assistance from another member while travelling. The SINS List is not to be used for social or business purposes.

Do you agree to using the SINS List only for it's intended purpose of obtaining assistance from another member?




*** If you are having problems with the above form, please send all the pertinent information to membership@northernstarsrider.ca ***

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