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Membership Information Form of the Northern Stars

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Full Name: Joe Biker

City, Province: Edmonton, Alberta

Phone: 123-456-7890

Chapter Affiliation: Choose from the list which Chapter you wish to be affiliated with. If you do not wish to be part of a Chapter, or there isn't a Chapter in your area, choose the last option. Click Here for more information on Chapters.

Bike Info: 2003 V-Star 1100 'Classic'

Delphi Forum User Name: JoeBiker (Don't have a Delphi Forum Username, Click Here)


Ride Safe and Ride Proud


Membership Information Form of the Northern Stars

2 Step Guide to Becoming a Northern Star Rider

If you ride a Yamaha Star, V-Star or Drag Star, Road Star, Wild Star, Royal Star, Venture, Raider, Roadliner or Stratoliner - This is your free site to get, and give information. We discuss all aspects of motorcycles, particularly our Star cruisers. You can visit anytime, but we would like you to join us for free, and really be a part of our great organization. If you do not ride one of the above motorcycles, and still wish to join, you are more than welcome to become an associate member

To become a member of the Northern Stars is easy. There are 2 steps, and not all are necessary.
Step 1. Either ride a Yamaha Star or hang out with a Northern Stars-Northern Stars member.
Step 2. Fill out the Northern Stars Membership Information Form below. By filling out the form will get you a membership card (in about 2 weeks) that you can print off and it can be used at participating dealers for discounts. You can participate in Member’s Contests, and Voting.

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The Northern Stars are a network of fellow Northern Stars members to share and exchange the wealth of information the Northern Stars is continually accumulating through the input and experiences of its members.

The premise behind the 'Membership Information Form' is simple. It is a vehicle for National and Chapter Officers to verify your membership with Northern Stars and (upon confirmation of such) issue you a Northern Stars membership card (via email) so that you (the registered member) can benefit from our National Affiliation with the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) and its automatic extra liability insurance. And, so that you (the registered member) can benefit from the many available dealership discount programs and other great programs like the Best Western hotel rebates. It is a database of fellow Northern Stars members in , but assures privacy by only asking for basic information. Your privacy is important to us. Information will be kept for internal use only. (para. revised April, 2005)

All registered, card carrying Northern Stars members are covered by the Canadian Motorcycle Association while participating in Northern Stars Rides and Events. This is effective March 1, 2004.

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*** If you are having problems with the above form, please send all the pertinent information to ***

Join the Northern Stars - It's Free!

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